Integrated Concierge

Thank You

Thank you for trusting us
and allowing us to be of service!

You now have multiple ways to access your 24/7 nurse line. First, simply call into the office at 985-788-1919. As soon as you hear the attendant you can dial “0” for the front desk or “247” to be directed to the on call phone (do not share this code, it is for members only). You can begin using your access code immediately. 

Second, you can call or text the dedicated on call phone at 985-788-6090. Please save this number now and feel free to use it whenever you need a nurse after hours. Again, please do not share this number, it is for members only.

Don’t forget, we’re more than just primary and acute care. You now have access to deeply discounted wellness products and services. Book a massage, or a vitamin infusion and enjoy a 20% discount. Botox and HRT are coming soon. We are also open on Saturdays for nurse visits, by appointment only, for members. If you would like to get an infusion, your weekly injection, etc. Just call us up and schedule the appointment.

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Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to continue our mission to take big business out of healthcare, and bring back the patient-physician relationship.

– Chad Carrone, RN, BSN
   Founder, Integrated Concierge