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Comprehensive Wellness Profile

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N.A.G. Genetic Mapping

Integrated Concierge’s relationship with New Amsterdam Genomics allows us to provide an unrivaled level of personalized insight.

NAG Genetic Mapping services not only maps 100% of your genome. They also map the genome a total of 3 times to ensure complete accuracy.

Once mapped, your information is uploaded to the NAG portal which utilizes AI to make sense of the over 900-pages of information. 

The information is sorted by relevance and importance for easy to find and understand data. Then each data point is linked to relevant peer-reviewed medical journals to ensure access to the most up-to-date information about each of your individual genetic mutations.

Best of all, your access to the portal is guaranteed for life. As information is updated and new studies are performed, you can rest assured the newest most accurate information is available for you and your doctor to review at any time.

Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection

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What is NAD+?

Oral supplements of NAD+ do exist, but it is difficult for your body to absorb NAD+ this way and hard to guarantee results. Currently, IV therapy is the safest and most efficient way of supplementing the coenzyme in your body.

Infusing your body with NAD+ via an IV drip is the only way to ensure that you get 100% bioavailability from the molecule. This means that your body will absorb the highest possible concentration of NAD+.

The benefits of NAD+ are wide ranging and affect nearly every organ system in the body. Increasing levels of NAD+ via supplementation, exercise, and diet can have amazing positive effects as outlined below.

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