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Relationship-driven healthcare changes everything. When care is both highly personal and highly convenient, employees naturally make their primary care doctor their first call. This means employees get better care, and employers see fewer claims.

5-49 Employees

Big care for small business.

Small business owners can finally provide a world-class healthcare option to their employees. With Integrated Concierge, you can offer your employees an unlimited healthcare membership for a fixed monthly fee. You can layer the membership with a major medical health plan, or not.

You have a couple options:

1. Integrated Concierge Membership
     + Major Medical Plan

2. Integrated Concierge Membership
     Without Insurance

More Care. Less Cost.

Traditionally, more care = more money.
With Integrated Concierge, more care costs less.

50+ Employees

A Healthcare Strategy With Real Cost Containment

You’re probably no stranger to unpredictable cost increases and scaling back plan options to mitigate
expenses. Continuous rate increases that are ‘not that bad’ add up to big dollars over time. Layering your
plan with innovative care solutions like direct primary care can stabilize your health plan expenses over
time, while increasing the level of care for your team.

We work with teams of
all shapes and sizes.

Frequently asked questions for employers

Your company’s healthcare — simplified.

Integrated Concierge operates under the Direct Primary Care model. Our doctors are equipped to handle about 80-90% of peoples’ needs. Our doctors hope to eliminate the need for urgent care altogether and be there for the everyday events such as taking care of a cold, the flu, wellness exams, diabetes management, stitches, casting placement, and IV fluids. We believe insurance should be used for the catastrophic, major events. Integrated Concierge memberships pair best with a high deductible/catastrophic plan.

Members pay a transparent, monthly membership fee. They do not pay per visit, but per month. On average a visit to an urgent care alone would cost around $150, with a provider who does not have a relationship with the patient. With Integrated Concierge, a patient would pay the subscription cost and could see their provider 1 or 30 times in a month. Their insurance would not be billed for the visits, and this would lead to a decrease in overall claims. In insurance terms, the smaller number of claims made to a plan, the lower the premium will be for the following year.

Absolutely not. Employers can offer this as a voluntary benefit. Employees could maintain a positive relationship with their primary care provider and utilize one of our providers as well for needs after hours or at times when they need to see a doctor urgently to ensure they avoid an unnecessary urgent care or ER visit. This saves the patient money and the employer’s plan money as well.

For employers we do ask for a 1 year minimum to get established and work with you to maximize utilization. After that, we operate under month-to-month memberships. We have seen how much our members enjoy utilizing Integrated Concierge and want people to continue to have the freedom to not feel tied into a contract.

This does not require any type of integration with an insurance plan. We encourage our employers to offer a high deductible or catastrophic plan in tandem with a membership, but employers can offer this type of membership as a stand-alone offer.

They can be offered at any time. They do not have to be offered at renewal. We find it most helpful for our providers to come to open enrollment meetings or for a meeting to be setup if it is offered during a separate time so they can explain to employees about the model and the direct access.

We partner with Direct Primary Care clinics across the country. We are constantly growing our network of clinics who utilize the Direct Primary Care model and are happy to do the administrative work.

This does not have to be offered to all employees. We require a minimum of 5 employees to enroll to be considered an employer group.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of copayments and the surprise fees. We’re always just a text or call away, ready to provide the extra care you need without the extra cost. Whether it’s an x-ray or a prescription, you’ll receive it at our cost. Experience healthcare that’s accessible but also transparent and affordable because your well-being is our top priority.