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Vitamin Therapy in Slidell, LA, and Covington, LA

Vitamin therapy is a modern wellness service designed to provide essential nutrients directly to the body, bypassing the digestive system for 100% bioavailability. This method ensures that vitamins, minerals, and hydration are instantly accessible to the cells, maximizing their benefits. The therapy is given through infusions, which can be customized according to individual health needs and goals. Vitamin therapy covers many areas, whether enhancing energy and metabolism, improving mental clarity, or providing the nutrients necessary for immune support. With treatments lasting about 30-45 minutes, clients can receive fast and practical support for their well-being. Vitamin therapy is suited for anyone seeking to boost their overall health, combat fatigue, or support their body’s immune system and recovery processes.

The treatment benefits individuals seeking optimal health and those trying to address specific wellness concerns. Results from Vitamin therapy can be seen relatively quickly, with many clients feeling more energized and refreshed shortly after their sessions. The long-term effects can vary, often depending on lifestyle choices and the specific nutrients provided during the treatment. If you want to experience the full benefits of vitamin therapy and maintain sustained wellness, book now at Integrated Concierge in Slidell, LA, and Covington LA. Our professionals can help you enhance your health and wellness regimen.

Vitamin Therapy - Infusions

Take your pick! Vitamin infusions are the fastest, most effective way to deliver necessary nutrients to all cells in your body. 100% bioavailability in an instant. Infusions are quick! In and out in about 30-45 minutes! 
Custom preparations are also available, just talk to the nurse.

Price: $159
Members: $127.2

Adequate hydration increases energy, metabolism, and mental clarity. Hydration affects every body system.

This hydration-focused combination enhances hydration across all body systems, increasing energy, metabolism, and mental clarity.

Refresh, rehydrate, and combat fatigue. Everything you need to get back on the right track.

Intended to refresh, rehydrate, and combat fatigue by providing essential nutrients required for optimal body function, thus helping to get back on track.

Supercharge your immune system and reduce the intensity and duration of illness, inflammation, and infection.

Designed to support the immune system, this combination of key vitamins and minerals could reduce the intensity and duration of illness, inflammation, and infection by supplying essential vitamins and minerals.

Hydrate and restore electrolytes. May improve symptoms of food poisoning, dehydration, and inflammation.

Targets hydration and electrolyte restoration, potentially improving symptoms of food poisoning, dehydration, and inflammation through a mix of vitamins and medications for symptom relief.

Improves skin, hair, and nails. Reveal your natural glowing beauty, great for enhancing complexion.

This product enhances the health of skin, hair, and nails, promoting a natural glowing appearance with essential nutrients.

Enhances energy, metabolism and sexual vitality, assists with adrenal fatigue, and long working hours.

This combination aims to enhance energy, metabolism, and potentially sexual vitality. It also supports adrenal health and helps manage long working hours.

Give your brain the fuel it needs to perform. Assists with focus, concentration, and recall.

This mix, formulated to support brain function, assists focus, concentration, and recall by providing nutrients essential for cognitive performance.

Minimize bloating, irritability, abd. discomfort, and lower back pain. Lessen intensity of muscle cramping. 

This combination minimizes bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort, and lower back pain. It may also lessen the intensity of muscle cramping, offering support during physical discomfort.

Decrease recovery time & enhance your performance. Feed your muscles and increase your energy and stamina.

Similar to the earlier combination but focused on decreasing recovery time and enhancing performance, this blend supports muscle function and increases energy and stamina for physical activity.

Premium Infusions

Specialty infusions provide a wider variety of ingredients and/or higher concentrations as well as specialty co-enzymes to keep you operating a peak efficiency.  

Dr John Myers’ formula developed to address conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, et al.

Price: $169
Members: $135.2

Known as Dr. John Myers’ formula, this combination is designed to address conditions like fatigue, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms. It aims to support overall wellness by providing a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals essential for energy production and muscle function.

Improve brain, memory and mood function, slow cellular aging, repair DNA & support mitochondrial health.

Price: From $249
Dosage Based
Members: 20% Off

This therapy focuses on improving brain function, memory, and mood. It also aims to slow cellular aging, support DNA repair, and maintain mitochondrial health. NAD+ is a coenzyme involved in metabolic processes and is crucial for energy production.

Experience peak performance. Fuel muscle growth and recovery, repair damage with potent antioxidants.

Price: $219
Members: $175.2

This comprehensive therapy enhances physical performance and recovery. It includes amino acids for muscle growth, B vitamins for energy, Magnesium for muscle and nerve function, glutathione for antioxidant protection, and NAD+ for cellular energy and repair, supporting overall physical health and recovery processes.

Vitamin Therapy - Injections

Some of the most powerful lipotropic ingredients in one injection, helps the body more efficiently burn fat and process sugars which may help boost metabolism.

Price: $29
Members: $23.2

This high concentration blend of immune boosting essentials is the ultimate immune system enhancer to help maintain a healthy immune response.

Price: $24
Members: $19.2

Supports energy levels, nerve function, and red blood cell production, which is crucial for individuals with dietary restrictions or absorption issues.
Enhances bone health, immune function, and mood regulation, essential for those with limited sun exposure or dietary intake.
Vitamin C aids in immune system support, antioxidant function, and collagen production, which benefits the skin and wound healing.
These injections boost metabolic and nervous system health by combining essential B vitamins for energy production and cognitive function.
Supplies vital minerals necessary for various bodily functions, including metabolic processes and antioxidant defense.
Supports muscle repair, growth, and energy metabolism, offering a mix of essential amino acids required for protein synthesis.
Provides antioxidant protection and detoxification and may improve skin health by reducing oxidative stress and supporting cellular health.

Some of the most powerful lipotropic ingredients in one injection, helps the body more efficiently burn fat and process sugars which may help boost metabolism.

Combines lipotropic ingredients to aid in fat metabolism and sugar processing, potentially enhancing metabolic health.

Price: $29
Members: $23.2

This high concentration blend of immune boosting essentials is the ultimate immune system enhancer to help maintain a healthy immune response.

This blend boosts the immune system and provides antioxidant support, enhancing overall immune response and health.

Price: $24
Members: $19.2

Benefits of vitamin therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to improve their overall wellness, boost their immune system, enhance energy levels, or address specific nutritional deficiencies is a good candidate for vitamin therapy.
Many clients report feeling more energized and refreshed immediately after their vitamin therapy session, with ongoing benefits observed with regular treatments.
The duration of the results varies by individual, depending on the diet, the lifestyle, and the specific vitamins and nutrients administered. Regular sessions help maintain and extend the benefits.
Vitamin Therapy is a low-risk procedure with minimal to no downtime. Some clients might experience mild discomfort after injection, but serious side effects are rare.
Get plenty of rest before your vitamin therapy session, and eat a light meal. After the treatment, continue to drink plenty of water and follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your healthcare professional.
You can expect to relax comfortably during vitamin therapy while the infusion lasts 30-45 minutes. The process is quick and painless, and many find it to be a calming experience.

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