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Health & Nutrition Coaching

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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Meet Kim, our dedicated Health & Nutrition Coach at Integrated Concierge in Slidell, LA, and Covington LA. With a profound passion for enhancing our comprehensive health and wellness services, Kim is here to make sure our patients achieve their health goals and maintain their successes into the future. Trust in our commitment to provide the essential resources for lasting health and wellness with Kim’s expertise.

Health & Nutrition Coaching

Meet Kim, our Health & Nutrition Coach!

Kim has joined Integrated Concierge with a shared passion to deliver comprehensive offerings of quality health and wellness services. We aim to ensure our patients have the resources to not only be successful now, but to continue their success long into the future. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Kim is our Health & Nutrition Coach, dedicated to providing personalized wellness services to help patients achieve and maintain their health goals.
You’ll receive a personalized plan addressing nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, with one-on-one support from Kim to make sustainable health improvements.
Kim offers customized advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, helping you overcome challenges and stay motivated toward your health goals.
It’s ideal for anyone seeking to improve their health, whether losing weight, enhancing their diet, or adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Contact us to book an initial consultation with Kim. She’ll assess your goals and challenges and start crafting your personalized health plan.
Our commitment to personalized, comprehensive care ensures long-term success and support, focusing on achieving lasting health improvements.

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